MediaTech VIVAMUS Stereo Headset & Microphone - MT3560

MediaTech VIVAMUS Stereo Headset

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  • Stereo Headset VIVAMUS MT3560 is the perfect solution for people who like to spend time chatting, learnig, lisening to music, watching films or playing video games.
    VIVAMUS brings extraordinary design and perfectly fit to the shape of the head, and high-quality ear pads provide comfort for hours of listening. This is very important especially when the headphones serve us as a tool for work or study, as is known the influence of improperly matched accessory deprive the desire for further action.
    VIVAMUS is equipped with a small, high sensitive microphone. There wil be no problem with the disturbing headband microphone.
    Long , flexible nylon braided cable connecting the headphones to the sound source can eliminate the constraints of having to be near the source of the sound

    Stereo headphones with microphone
    Perfect for computers and audio systems
    40mm hi-fidelity driver units
    Sensitive capacitive
    Volume control in earcup
    PU leather, full size earcushions
    Very strong cable in nylon wrapping
    Frequency response 20Hz - 20kHz
    Headphone sensitivity 110dB+/-3dB
    Microphone sensitivity -54dB+/-3dB
    Impedance: 32Ί ¹ 15%
    Cable length: ~2m
    Separate microphone and headphones mini-jack type plugs
    Weight: 188g